I'm Harrison, a designer


What do you want to eat?

What to eat? where to eat?

Foodiegram is a location-based food guide app that recommends what to eat in the surrounding areas. The app enables a whole new experience to help make decision making easy by providing visually inspiring food images and sharing it with millions of adventurous food eaters around the world. This was a freelance project contacted by a friend who needed design work. Alongside, I worked with two engineers who helped developed this app. 


There are a great variety of apps focusing on ratings and reviews but are often based on the restaurant as a whole and not on a specific dish. A restaurant with great food can be reviewed poorly simply because a waitress brought the wrong order or waited too long.


I started off by conducting a survey with questionnaires to help get a better understanding of users behavior when dining out.

  • How often are you indecisive about food?
  • When was the last time?
  • How long do you spend searching?
  • How do you discover food?
  • Which app do you use to discover food? 
  • What determines you to go to that restaurant?
  • Was there a time when food wasn't as expected?
  • Would you use an app that focuses on food only?

We learned that discovery, location, and ratings were the utmost. 



A set of lo-fi wireframes and a working prototype was then created to test usability. This enabled quick iterations and test user flow. 

Here's an example of the home feed, it provides a quick view of recommended dishes around the surrounding area along with ratings and how far the restaurant is. A detail about that dish can be accessed with a single tap. 


UI Design

After a few more iterations, I designed the final screens. My aim was to design a clear, clean and modern look that helps user scan through the dishes easily. The warm color scheme help users relax and want to stay more.  

Lessons learned

  • Communication is key. Everyone on the team had full-time jobs and communication between the team was a bit challenging. We met up a couple of times at a central location that was fair for everyone to discuss about the project as well as through Skype. 

  • Overall I had a great time building this product. It was a great learning experience from start to finish.  

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