Chrono Strike
I'm Harrison, a designer

Chrono Strike

Action-Packed Sci-Fi fighter

Gosu is a mobile game studio comprised of veteran free-to-play developers who have launched award-winning hits such as The Sims, SimCity Social, and My Empire.

Chrono Strike was one of the games I worked on. It is a futuristic 3D action-packed fighting game that pits you against an endless army of killer robots for iOS and Android. 

Chrono Strike

From beginning to end, I worked closely with the UX director as well as nine other talented individuals in the studio. Working as part of a tight-knit team who were passionate about the project was fulfilling. 


I was responsible for the UI visuals for all screens created in Photoshop. I also pitched interactions and animation proposals.

One greatest challenge I faced was learning to use Unity, a cross-platform game engine. I overcame this fear and felt comfortable using the engine after self learning and also with the help of my team. In my previous projects after finishing my designs, my duties would be to export the assets and the devs would set it up in their environment. However for the first time, I had full control exporting assets from Photoshop to setting them up pixel perfect in Unity so the engineers can grab the prefab and plug it into their environment. This saved a tremendous time for engineers from setting up the UI when they can focus on other things. 

  • Lessons learned

    • Dont be shy to try out new things. Whether its a tool or skill, learning something new is always exciting and brings you out of your comfort zone. Learning Unity was really a useful skill that I still use today for my personal games. 

    • Working at a startup means you tend to wear multiple hats but you also gain invaluable amount of experience especially with the people who cares about the product and shares the same passion. 

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