I'm Harrison, a designer


Play to meet new people near you


Play to meet new people near you

Under the new CEO, Unravel is a mobile app project Gaia wanted to venture out into. Unravel is a fun way to discover new people around you. More than just swiping left or right, Unravel lets users learn fun facts about people as they unveil new photos of them at every step. If someone unravels them back, they're placed into a chat. Best part, users already have some talking points to get the conversation going.

Design Process

As a UI designer, I worked closely with another UI designer and Product manager. Together, we brainstormed ideas to create an MVP (minimum viable product) that accomplishes a few goals that delivers an engaging and intuitive app. While doing research, we also collected a few inspirations from other dating apps and game designs. 

My colleague and I decided to divide and tackle different parts of the app. The features I worked on was the main feed, answering questions gameplay, and user profile. I was able to:

  • Created low-fidelity wireframes on the feature I was working on and synced with the team for feedback and made iterations if needed. 
  • Created animations to show UI transitions. 
  • Collectively decide on the high-fidelity mockup.
  • Worked with an outsourced engineering team and communicated through Asana that allowed us to organize and track our work. 
  • Iterate based on first round user feedback.
  • Test the product and make iterations based on QA testing.
  • Created banners for social media.

Lessons learned

  • Let other people playtest your product. Observing peoples behavior during focus group testing allowed me to see if users have a seamless end-to-end experience and identify any pain points.

  • Numbers can't fully describe humans. Getting lots of data is great but seeing how users behave is even better. In our focus group, I was able to witness the excitement and engagement and any "aha moments" that don't show up in data. 

  • Listening to feedback allowed me to learn and plan for any future release features. 

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